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Now you can surf the Internet

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at any time during your cruise!

The freedom to log on whenever you like.

Surfing the Net is easier on Costa ships! From today, if you have a laptop, palmtop, smart phone or any other wireless enabled mobile phone you can bring it on holiday with you and stay connected to the world and your friends. All our ships have a Wi-Fi service providing you with a high speed wireless connection to the Internet at any time.

Da oggi INTERNET con te a qualsiasi ora

You'll be free to surf the Net in all the common areas, pool deck and cabins covered by the Wi-Fi service. Choose the offer most suited to your needs: either pay-per-use, for occasional connections, or one of the various pre-paid price plans we offer. The cost of the service will be charged directly to your Costa Card.


Internet packages by volume
Surf the Internet without a time limit until your data volume is used up. The most affordable plan is ideal for all those who want to surf, mail or post occasionally. From 250 MB to 3 GB, you can upgrade this plan at any time and only pay the difference.

Social packages
Ideal for all those who want movement in social networks or want to post on Facebook. Depending upon your choice, you can book the package for 24 hours or for the cruise. The following social networks/services are included in the Social Media plan: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Threema, Snapchat, Google-plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Xing, LinkedIn.

The Wi-Fi packages are available on all Costa ships from 15 May 2016. You can also "pay as you go" to use the internet, with prices starting from € 0.19 a minute. The cost to create an account (a one-off fee) is € 3.
Please remember that you can only connect to the internet with one device at a time with one account.