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Mandatory data:

Please note that you must always give to Costa Cruises the following information:

- Name and Surname;
- Age and Nationality;
- Date and Place of birth;
- Document details;
- Costa Club number;
- Name, Surname and telephone number of a family member or friend who is not travelling with you and can be contacted if needed .

You are responsible for obtaining all necessary travel documents and for complying with Customs and Immigration requirements. Guest without proper travel documents will not be allowed to board the vessel and no refund of cruise fare will be given to any guest failing to bring such documentation.

Passports and Visas

In order to avoid problems at departure, we kindly ask you tocarefully check the validity of your documents and to be inpossession of what is required for the cruise. If any guest doesnot possess the required documentation they will be deniedboarding their cruise and cancellation penalties will be applied.

You must be in possession of a valid passport and any visas(if required). Passengers applying for a new passport, orrenewing an expired one, should allow at least two months forthe application to be processed and up to three months ifapplying between February and June. It is also important thatname changes for newlywed wives must be notified to usimmediately so that the name stated on the passportmatches the name on the ticket. The names on cruise andairline documents must be the same as those shown onpassports. Any discrepancies (including nicknames andabbreviated names) may prevent travel and also makeinsurance policies invalid. If any guest does not possess therequired documentation they will be denied boarding theircruise and cancellation penalties will be applied.It is strongly recommended that other nationals contact theirlocal Consular Authority in order to ascertain passport andvisa requirements. If any guest does not possess the requireddocumentation they will be denied boarding their cruise andcancellation penalties will be applied. We recommend thatyou check your visa requirements with your travel agent orthe appropriate embassy at least two months prior to travel.In addition to the cost of any visa you will be charged anadministration fee to use this service.

Please note – Passports may be retained by Costa staff onembarkation and withheld for the entire duration of the cruiseso they can be presented to the various port authorities.Passports are then made available only when guests requirethem to go ashore.

United States - Before departure, please check the expirydate of your passport with your travel agent and/or nationalauthorities, and that it is compliant with the new entryprocedure for the United States. For cruises featuring stops ortransit in the United States, all passengers must hold amachine-readable passport. Children must also have theirown machine-readable passport: inclusion on their parents'passports will not be considered valid.According to the rules provided by the US Department ofHomeland Security, which refer to the regulations of the VisaWaiver Program, Costa Cruises reminds you that:
1) Visitors who have a machine-readable passport which wasissued or renewed before 26 October 2005 may enter theUnited States of America without a visa.
2) Visitors who have a machine-readable passport which wasissued or renewed on or after 26 October 2005 and which hasa digital photograph printed directly on the passport, mayenter the United States of America without a visa.
3) Machine-readable passports issued or renewed on or after26 October 2006 must contain an integrated chip containingbiometric data and a digital photograph. Visitors whosepassports do not meet these requirements will be required toobtain a visa to travel to the United States.In addition, electronic travel authorisation is required forcitizens of the countries covered by the Visa WaiverProgramme, including Italy.
At least 72 hours prior to departure, visitors to the UnitedStates under the Visa Waiver Programme must obtain travelauthorisation through the ESTA (Electronic System for TravelAuthorization) website ( The authorisation number will be requested at departure forthe United States. All Guests in possession of a valid passportissued prior to the introduction of machine-readablepassports, or passports that do no meet the aboverequirements, require a non-immigrant entry visa for theUnited States.This requirement also applies to children. You can find all theinformation on how to obtain a US visa on the embassywebsite

Libya – For the cruises that include a stop in Libya, a validpassport is required. Minors are requested to have their ownpassport or be registered in their parents’ passport.
On arrival in Libya the local authorities will stamp yourPassport. Please note that your Passport should not have any Israelistamps or visas (even if expired). Holders of passports withsuch stamps or visas and Israeli born will not be allowed toboard.
If onboard staff find such stamps or visas when checkingdocuments prior to the stop in Libya (all passports will bewithheld on embarking) the guests concerned will be told bythe on-board management that they will have to disembarkbefore the stop in Libya. In this case all costs relating to theguest’s trip home will be paid for by the guest. Costa Cruises will arrange for the group visa required todisembark in Libya by sending the relevant authorities allPassport information at least two weeks prior to scheduledcall in Libya.
For those who decide to go on our excursions, the cost of thevisa is included in the excursion price. For all other guests, thecost of the visa will be added to your cabin account. For thosewho plan to go ashore independently, the group visa willenable you to visit the city of Tripoli only.

Asia - For India a Tourist Visa Multiple Entry is required: thisvisa is not obtainable on board, so our guests must get it inadvance before departure, contacting the Indian ConsularAuthority.
For cruises calling in Singapore an infant photo is required ifincluded in parent’s passport. For Vietnam a Transit Visa is required: Costa will take care ofthe necessary formalities to obtain it upon arrival in thecountry. You will be charged onboard for the relevant cost.However, should this situation alter, guests will be advised atthe earliest possible opportunity.

China - A Single or Multiple visa is compulsory for positioningcruises between:
Hong Kong (or Singapore) to Tianjin
Hong Kong (or Singapore) to Shanghai
Shanghai to Hong Kong (or Singapore)
Tianjin to Hong Kong (or Singapore)
Multiple China visa is compulsory for positioning/regularcruises:
Shanghai to Tianjin
Shanghai to Shanghai
Tianjin to Tianjin
Tianjin to Shanghai
A a special visa for China will be provided on board only foritineraries from Hong Kong (or Singapore) to Hong Kong (orSingapore) stopping at Sanya. For UK pax it is free of chargefor guests participating in a Costa excursion, however it mustbe purchased (RMB 469) in case guests want to disembarkindividually. In case of embarkation and disembarkation duringany planned stops in all ports* of China, a visa is required andguests will have to request it in advance from the ChineseConsulate (*The only exception is Sanya transit -see above).

Dubai and the Emirates - For cruises to and from Dubai andthe Emirates guests require a passport valid for at least 3months after the date of your return to the UK.However, should this situation alter, guests will be advised atthe earliest possible opportunity.

Mauritius and Indian Ocean - For all cruises to and fromMauritius and Indian Ocean guests require a passport valid forat least 6 months beyond period of intended stay. For Kenyaa Transit Visa is requested: Costa will take care of thenecessary formalities to obtain it upon arrival in the country.You will be charged onboard for the relevant cost. However,should this situation alter, guests will be advised at the earliestpossible opportunity.

Egypt - Cruises that stop in Egypt require a passport or ID card(accompanied by 1 passport photo, without which an entryvisa will not be issued) valid for foreign travel for at least 6months after the cruise. Paper ID cards with over 5 years'validity as verified by a stamp on the back are accepted, butnote that the Egyptian authorities do not grant entry totravellers holding electronic ID cards with certificates ofextension (paper slips that extend the validity of thedocument more than 5 years); in this case we recommendthat you use another type of document (a new ID card orpassport).

Around the World cruise - Machine-readable passport valid for at least 6months after the end of the cruise, and visas for Australia andIndia to be obtained prior to departure.

Red Sea itinerary (Egypt/Israel/Jordan) - Machine-readable passport valid for at least 6months after the end of the cruise. 


Passports for children under 15 years old
Please be informed that minors cannot be included in parent's passport.
Passport for the bearer parent only remains valid till its natural expiry date.
Please check carefully with local authority and embassy for any doubt your might have If the cruise calls at or transits the United States, all children are required to have their own machine-readable passports. 
Travel documents

After buying your cruise, you will receive the following documents:
• Cruise ticket
• Boarding Form
• Baggage tags
• List of purchased services
In these travel documents you will also find information ondocuments and visas, embarkation and disembarkation andemergency telephone numbers. You will be sent your traveldocuments around three weeks prior to departure, once yourtravel agent has confirmed your payment. For furtherinformation about the procedures and timing of sending yourtravel documents, please contact your travel agent. You canalso access the personalised section of our by entering your name, surnameand booking reference number. Here you can view thefollowing information:
• Booking memo including all purchased services
• Booking Conditions
• Insurance Conditions
• Services booked online
• Tour Order Form (to be filled in only if you do not bookyour excursions online)
• Form authorising Costa to charge your credit card for youronboard expenses
• Information on how to reach the ship
• Information on parking at the port or airport
• Other useful information