ore 10.00 - partenza!

ore 12.00 - nuoto con i delfini!

ore 15.00 - visita al museo!

ore 17.00 - alla scoperta della barriera corallina!

ore 20.00 - tramonto a cavallo



How many times have you wished you were in a film scene where the star gallops off into the sunset, dives into the deep waters of the ocean or crosses the desert in a jeep? Impossible? With Costa Cruises you just need to book: our personalised excursions offer the best services for you and whoever you want to take with you, with full independence and without the restrictions and timetables of group travel. A driver and guide will be at your disposal throughout the excursion, two professionals dedicated to fulfilling your every wish, throughout the day, just for you. And just like in the movies, you’ll be the one to choose the means of transport for your personalised excursion: a luxury car, a comfortable minibus, a modern 4x4, an exclusive yacht, a catamaran, an elegant sailing boat. You’ll decide what to do and how long to spend on each visit or itinerary: museums, monuments, archaeological sites. Unforgettable experiences like swimming with dolphins, riding a friendly camel, admiring the dunes of the desert or exploring a mangrove swamp in a canoe.


The Excursions Office staff and our Tour Manager are at your disposal, on all our ships, to advise you and personalise the cruise as much as possible based on your wishes. And if you change your mind during the tour, the driver and guide will always help you find your preferred option, in real time: and you won’t find a personal service like that even in a movie!