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Choose your Around the World Trip

AROUND THE WORLD 2015 - 2016

Choose one of our round the world cruises and see some of the most beautiful sights of nature, the most beautiful art and the most fascinating cultures that the planet has to offer. Sail the seven seas across five continents with us on a ship where total relaxation, good food and drinks, and much, much more are the order of the day. You'll be the star of a unique holiday that everyone dreams of, but few actually get to experience.

The jewels of the Southern Hemisphere

115 days with Costa Deliziosa – from 6 January 2015

An experience that you won't want to miss: you'll cross the Atlantic from Casablanca and head for the heart and soul of Buenos Aires, you’ll watch the sun go down in Valparaiso and Polynesia, follow the penguins in Australia and then head back up Africa from Cape Town.

Through the Panama Canal

98 days with Costa Luminosa – from 14 September 2015

A never-ending adventure: once you’ve passed the cliffs of Madeira and the beaches of the Caribbean, you’ll discover America, following in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus, and the coast of Mexico from under a sombrero, before reaching the caves of Australia and the infinite skyscrapers of Dubai.

Towards South America and Polynesia

108 days with Costa Luminosa – from 6 January 2016

A journey through a rainbow of colours: after Gaudì's multi-coloured houses you can feast your eyes on the glittering Rio Carnival and the red sky of Tierra del Fuego, then across the Pacific to see the blue water of Bora Bora and the golden sand dunes of Egypt.