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A wellness circuit

From thalassotherapy to the steam room and total relaxation in the Temple of Peace: a journey through the beneficial properties of heat and water in all their forms. At the end of your spa treatment, indulge in a final moment of regeneration and pleasure, sipping a cup of Japanese tea as you look out to sea.

Thalassotherapy Bath

Its therapeutic properties have been known since ancient times. Spa baths are taken in a pool of water heated to body temperature and enriched with Dead Sea salts. Every immersion will reawaken your body's vital energy and provide pleasurable well-being for your muscles.

Tridosha Shrine

An excellent anti-stress formula inspired by Turkish baths, this area is filled with aromatherapy steam released into the air within caves and chambers providing different degrees of dry and humid heat.

Temple of peace

After the spa treatment, your body will need to relax to rebalance its temperature. The Temple of peace provides a sumptuous room with beds for meditation in an environment enriched with mystical aromas.

Japanese Tea Room

Tea is a real potion for health and well-being, the properties of which range from beauty to prevention. It contains no calories and is perfect for replenishing the body with liquid. The ideal drink for keeping fit. In the Far East, just as in the Japanese Tea Room, it is also a warm gesture of welcome.