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Costa neoRomantica

What makes it special?

What makes it special?
  • Costa neoRomantica is the jewel of the fleet! The results of an innovative total restyling project that transformed Costa Romantica.
  • Costa neoRomantica is designed as a 5-star resort. Its refined and sophisticated environments, prestigious and elegant, will seduce you at first glance. Designed to amaze, it will create a unique atmosphere and uncover new emotions.
  • The new Costa neoRomantica will impress you with the contemporary, sophisticated and luminous design that features in every room. Fine materials, hi-tech solutions and cosy environments inspire romance and relaxation, either with your partner or with friends.
  • Costa neoRomantica offers the most picturesque Samsara Spa of the fleet. Intimate environments, restful colours and soft lighting convey an unparalleled sense of relaxation.
    Pastel colours, subdued lighting and precious materials: all designed in the finest detail to encourage total relaxation.
    Enjoy the spacious areas of total comfort and the large windows with spectacular views of the interior.

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