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respectful holidays

Travelling can be an endless source of personal enrichment: not only does it allow you to discover unspoilt natural areas, but also to encounter protected animals and plants, local cultures and traditions, charming villages and landscapes. By choosing Costa Cruises you can combine the fun, relaxation and adventure of a cruise with a responsible and more environmentally-friendly way of travelling through natural areas, preserving the environment and supporting the welfare of local people. Discover all the magic and beauty of our eco-excursions!

Parks, oases and nature reserves

Eco escursions - Parks, oases and nature reserves

Hundreds of coloured fish of all shapes and sizes crowd around the spectacular vegetation of the coral reefs.
Dolphins and whales can be spotted by the keenest eyes and the blazing colours of exotic birds hide among the branches of tropical vegetation.
An eco-excursion in a protected park or an ecological oasis provides opportunities for surprising encounters with nature as well as unexpected and unforgettable thrills.

Zero environmental impact

Eco-excursions - Zero environmental impact​​

Just look around you to notice the difference: Helsinki on a bike has a completely different charm.
How about a trip on a mountain bike or horseback in Barbados? Rafting, snorkelling, trekking: whether down a rapid or up to the summit of a volcano, travelling with zero environmental impact generates 100% adrenalin.
And if a forest adventure is not your thing, you can always enjoy a peaceful eco-excursion in a canoe or a romantic gondola ride in Venice.

Develop new interests

Eco-excursions - Develop new interests

People say you should always combine business with pleasure: an eco-excursion in a developing area allows you to experience the charm of its local traditions while also supporting its well-being and preserving its culture.
No book or guide will ever match a first-hand experience of the hospitality of Salvador da Bahia, in close contact with the local population and nature.