10.00 am: departure!

12:00 am: swimming with dolphins

3:00 pm: visit to the museum

5:00 pm: discover the coral reef

8:00 pm: sunset on horseback

Personalise the excursions you want


At Costa Cruises, we have also thought about our more discerning passengers, who want to explore their destinations without having to move at the pace of a group, and those who are looking for a more unique and exclusive holiday experience.

With neoCollection itineraries​, "experiences" would be a better description than "excursions": we will take you on visits to famous attractions and sights that are off the beaten track, at an unhurried and more relaxed pace. Your visits won't just focus on the nature, art and history of the places your cruise calls at, but also the local culture and traditions, with their characteristic customs and flavours.

All the ships in our fleet also offer Premium excursions: a selection of the most popular and well-liked excursions for each destination, reserved for small groups of a maximum of 25 people.

And if you'd like to organise your own tailor-made tour, our personalised excursions offer the best services just for you and the people you want to take with you, giving you total independence and allowing you to explore at your own pace rather than the pace of a group. You will have your very own driver and a guide for the whole of your excursion.
You can choose whatever means of transport you prefer: a luxury car, comfortable minibus, modern jeep, an exclusive yacht, or an elegant sailing boat.

You will be the one who decides what to do and how much time to spend on each visit and itinerary: museums, monuments, archaeological sites, swimming with dolphins or a walk through the mangroves.

And if you change your mind during the tour, your driver and guide will always help you find the right solution for you on the spot: it's a service that is so exclusive that whatever you wish for will come true!