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On board internet, Wi-Fi and telephone services

INTERNET SERVICE The Ship offers Internet access 24 hours per day. To keep you connected while at sea, satellite Internet access is available via WiFi throughout the vessel (including your cabin) and in the Internet Point located on board.
You can connect to the WIFI with your laptop computer, iPad, iPhone and Smartphones, or by utilizing the Computers of the Internet Point. Instructions on how to create an account and pricing details are available in the Onboard portal once you connect to the ship’s WiFi home page. Internet pricing is identical, whether you are using the Internet Point terminals, your own laptop or other wireless devices. Your account will enable you to access Internet either from the computers in the Internet Point or your personal device but not with more than one device simultaneously. All Internet charges will be billed directly to your Costa card. INTERNET POINT Self‐service computers are available in the Internet Point. Here you can simply swipe your card to get started, or follow the on‐screen instructions to enter your login details manually. External equipment such as cameras cannot be hooked up to our computers. Computers are not equipped with any Microsoft® Office applications; attachments from your email accounts associated with these applications will not open and cannot be sent. The computers also do not allow program or software uploads and downloads. Printing is available from the Internet Point terminals. Printing is subject to a nominal fee. WI-FI Wireless Internet is available through the ship and in all cabins. Enjoy the flexibility and freedom of connecting to the Internet from your own personal wireless-ready laptop, your Smartphone or form your iPad/iPhone. If you use your own device, please be aware of how to use it effectively on board, because it is not the same as onshore: by design, iPads assign little battery power to their internal signal, resulting in an underpowered radio. Unless the WiFi signal is very strong in the area you intend to use your device, it is likely you will experience interruptions or not be able to connect. You will notice users with laptops having no problem connecting to the WiFi on board but an iPad trying to connect from the same spot drops and reconnects. Please try to limit your downloading of videos and full-length movies while on board.
Automatic updates on your PC/IPad/Smartphone will affect the time, experience and price of your Internet plan.  There are always background applications running on your device, even though you might not know it.  You can turn these off and we actually recommend doing so while you are at sea, with the exception of your antivirus software.  If these updates are going on, you could experience a slower-than-expected connection or consume more time, which could greatly affect the price. To set up your wireless please follow this checklist:

Step 1: Switch on your Wifi and connect to the ships network.
Step 2: Open your Internet browser and you will be redirected to the login page. Follow the on‐screen instructions to setup your account (a fee applies).
Step 3: As part of the login process you will choose a password of your own, select a package or pay‐as‐you‐go at which point charging will begin. All Internet charges will be billed directly to your Costa card. You will significantly reduce costs by pre-purchasing one of our Time Plans from any Internet computer or from your own device. All plans and prices are listed in the login page. With one account, guest may only use one computer at one time. Plans are non‐refundable and will expire either when all MB (Volume Plans) or hours (Social Plans) has been depleted or upon disembarkation.
To logout and END every session simply type http://logout.wifi in the address bar of your browser.

WIFI / INTERNET POINT GUEST RATES ( subject to changes ): Pay per use (rate per minute): Euro 0.25
Prepaid plans:
  • Social Day (24 hrs)
  • Social Cruise (for the length of the cruise)
  • Volume Packages (250MB, 500MB, 3GB)
3G Please note that onboard systems on all ships support 3G technology. Data costs while roaming on a mobile network can be very heavy. Be sure to contact your cell phone provider to learn these rates before your cruise. We recommend that you seek to avoid the unwanted costs associated with data downloads (disable automatic downloads and automatic software updates). The prices are different from what you pay locally and are not included in the 'bundle' packages.
Sensitivity to the satellite signal – The satellite signal fluctuates by nature; iPads/Smartphones are more sensitive to this fluctuation that will likely go unnoticed on other devices but occasionally interrupt your Internet session on the iPad/Smartphones.
Ship Internet access is not guaranteed to be available at all times due to the nature of satellite communications, which are subject to disruption from weather conditions and physical obstructions (mountains in the Fjords, military ports in the vicinity, etc…). Also, Internet access via satellite is significantly slower than high‐speed connections on shore: the signal travels in a similar manner but has to go much greater distances from the ship to a satellite, then from the satellite to the shore, and vice versa. It’s understandable why the experience is slower and not always 100% guaranteed
On the other vessels the only option for accessing the Internet on board via your iPad/Smartphones is WiFi.
MYCOSTA MOBILE Stay Connected! Download the new App “MyCosta Mobile”! Simple, handy, unlimited and totally free of charge! Download the App, log-in to start chat and talk with family & friends onboard! My Costa Mobile is available on the App Store (iOS 5.0 and upper) and on Google Play Store (version 2.3 and upper)
You pay nothing to texts to others on the ship with the same app. You can also place unlimited calls to others on the ship and use it to call staterooms or onboard Services, such as the Shore Excursions desk. Once you are onboard, activate your wi-fi, and you can immediately start making calls and chatting with other friends and guests onboard who have the “MyCosta Mobile” App. Simply select “Call” or “Chat” and either dial the number of your friends or check if friends are available in the “Contacts” list.
“MyCosta Mobile” App currently does not support calls to or from phones that are not on the ship and it works on board the ship only. Stay tuned! Costa will soon announce more functionalities and upgrades.
PHONE SERVICES The ship is equipped with a telephone system that allows you to make direct-dial phone calls from the privacy of your cabin while at sea. Satellite Calls will be billed to your shipboard account. (Rate: USD 7.95 per minute). Should someone wish to reach you while you are at sea and your mobile is not on, they can call the Satellite number available on the website or in the Catalogues and reach the on board Guest Service, which will forward the call to your cabin.
In addition, the ship offers an onboard GSM mobile phone network that allows you to send and receive calls on your mobile phones while the ship is at sea (international roaming must be activated).
Costa has agreements with TELENOR a Maritime GSM provider.
The Ship’s GSM service will automatically shut down when the ship is entering port, and turn on again when the ship is at least 2 nautical miles at sea. When connected to the Ship’s GSM service phones will either display the “name of the ship”, "901.12" or "TELENOR MARITIME / MCP" (for MCP) or “TIM@SEA”, or “901 26” or “NOR 26” (for Telecom). At sea, you can use your own cell phone just as you would on land. Available from most cell phone carriers including AT&T, and the major European and worldwide providers, this service is accessible in staterooms as well.
Cell phones are a particularly easy way to rack up expensive charges very quickly, as the caller is essentially billed by two companies. Usage rates and international roaming rates vary as you travel. If you're looking to minimize costs, beware of incoming text messages. Data costs while roaming on a mobile network can be very heavy. Be sure to contact your cell phone provider to learn these rates before your cruise. We recommend that you seek to avoid the unwanted costs associated with data downloads. The prices are different from what you pay locally and are not included in most standard 'bundle' packages.
FAX SERVICE Please contact the Front Office for details if you wish to send or receive a fax. A nominal fee applies. Additional information can be found on board the ship in your stateroom information directory.

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