CostaClub Programme General Conditions

Art. 1 - Eligibility for participating in the Programme
Art. 2 - Application of the Programme
Art. 3 - Duration of the Programme
Art. 4 - How to become a Member of the Programme
Art. 5 - How CostaClub points are awarded
Art. 6 – Validity of CostaClub points
Art. 7 – CostaClub Levels
Art. 8 – Privileges/Advantages
Art. 9 – Legal information
Art. 10 – Information on the processing of personal data

These General Conditions for Membership (hereinafter "Conditions") establish how the Programme (hereinafter "Programme" or "Club") called "CostaClub" works and how to become a Member. The Programme is organised by Costa Crociere S.p.A. with headquarters in Genoa, Piazza Piccapietra 48, 16121, Italy (hereinafter “Costa”).

Art. 1 – Eligibility for participating in the Programme

1.1 Any individual who is at least 18 years old and is resident in one of the countries listed in the "Country" section on the Costa Crociere website (hereinafter "Members").
Membership is automatically granted to individuals already registered with the CostaClub Programme since 2001.

Art. 2 – Application of the Programme

The Programme will be valid on all Costa cruises published annually in the Costa Cruises brochure and on the Costa Crociere website. Costa cruises in Asia are not included in the Programme.

Art. 3 – Duration of the Programme

3.1 These General Conditions are valid from 31 January 2016 until 31 December 2016 (hereinafter “Validity Period”) and, if no alterations or additions are made by Costa, will continue to be valid from year to year. The provision of privileges will be implemented on individual ships in the Costa fleet as follows:
Costa Diadema: 31 january 2016
Costa neoClassica: 31 january 2016
Costa Favolosa: 30 january 2016
Costa Fascinosa: 31 january 2016
Costa Magica: 31 january 2016
Costa neoRiviera: 31 january 2016
Costa Pacifica: 6 february 2016
Costa Fortuna: 5 february 2016
Costa Deliziosa: 5 february 2016
Costa neoRomantica: 6 february 2016
Costa Mediterranea: 6 february 2016
Costa Luminosa: 23 april 2016

How to become a Member of the Programme
4.1 Joining the Programme is free and possible in the following ways:
- by calling the Costa Crociere Contact Centre (number on the CostaClub website). People who wish to join the Club by calling the Contact Center must confirm that they have read and accepted the General Conditions;
- online on the Costa Crociere website
- through a travel agency;
- on board Costa ships by filling in the relative paper form or at the onboard interactive stands.

Confirmation of registration with the CostaClub via the website, a travel agency or the Contact Center will be processed within 7 days.

If the membership request is made on board by filling in the paper form or at the onboard interactive stands, it will be processed within 60 days after the end of the cruise.

4.2 If a membership request is made 7 days or less before the departure of the cruise, the Guest will not be recognised on board as a CostaClub Member. The Guest will therefore not receive the CostaClub card nor will they be entitled to the benefits of their Club level until their next cruise.

4.3 On joining, the Member will be awarded the points from their last cruise, if the departure date is within the three years prior to their joining, as shown on Costa's database, bearing in mind however that the information for each cruise is relayed from onboard systems to Costa's database approximately 10 days after the date of the end of the cruise in the main boarding port. If the last cruise in Costa's database does not entitle Guests to earn points, Members will join the programme as an Acquamarina Member, with the lowest points total for that level.

4.4 Once membership has been confirmed, the Member will be sent an email with their CostaClub card number. When booking a cruise, the correct CostaClub card number must be provided for the Member to benefit from the advantages and privileges of their Club.

4.5 At the time of joining the Member must enter their full name as per their identity document and their personal email address. Members may not register with an email address already used by another Member.

4.6 After joining the Club, the Member's CostaClub card (hereinafter “Card”) bearing their membership number will be delivered to all new Members during their first cruise. The card has a magnetic strip, is in the Member's name and can only be used by the owner in accordance with these General Conditions.

4.7 During a cruise the card is also a cabin key, identity document (boarding pass for boarding and leaving the ship) and will be used for onboard purchases. A new card will therefore be issued for each cruise taken.

Art. 5 – How CostaClub points are awarded
5.1 CostaClub Points (hereinafter "points") are the basic unit of calculation used by Costa for the Club. On joining, the CostaClub card number is linked to an account to which points are awarded.

5.2 Members earn points based on the number of cruise days spent on board Costa ships and total onboard expenses as indicated below:

- Cruise days: points are earned for every day of the cruise based on the type of cabin Members have chosen:
a. Inside cabins: 100 points per day
b. Outside cabins: 150 points per day
c. Balcony cabins: 175 points per day

For Members travelling in Premium cabins, daily points are doubled.

Members travelling in Suites, Grand Suites and Panorama Suites earn 450 points per day.

In the event that Members are upgraded for free to a higher cabin category, points are always awarded based on the cabin purchased and not the cabin travelled in.

Points are also awarded for Costa flights included in the cruise package as follows:
- 250 points up to 350 € spent
- 500 points over 350 € spent

"Costa flights" means flights included in the "flight+cruise" travel packages. The amount is calculated based on all flight legs booked. Other transfer costs, such as buses, trains and private transfers, are not included.

- Onboard expenses: 2 points for every euro spent - excluding fractions of that amount - are registered on the Member's card. Sums spent at the casino, on medical expenses, and sums spent by a Member but registered on the card of another person, even if they share the same cabin, are not included.

5.3 No points will be awarded for cruise days and flight expenses if the cruise was purchased at a promotional rate, with a special discount or if the ticket is free. Members must always check on the Costa Crociere website or with their travel agent whether or not the rate they have chosen entitles them to earn CostaClub programme points. Furthermore, points will not be awarded to Members if the cruise has been cancelled due to reasons independent of the will of Costa or for safety reasons.

5.4 Points are automatically awarded 30 days after the end of each cruise. Members can check the points they have earned online by registering in the reserved area on the CostaClub website

5.5 Members will be informed of other ways to earn points and the validity of their points, if not covered by these General Conditions, by special messages.

5.6 Members who think that their points total should be higher than the total in their account should send CostaClub copies of cruise tickets and payment receipts for onboard expenses incurred during any cruise they think has not been counted, within 2 months of the final date of the cruise to be checked. Members can make requests for points to be updated by sending their full name and CostaClub card number, along with the required documentation, by post to CostaClub Customer Service, Piazza Piccapietra 48, 16121 Genova, Italy.

5.7 Points are always awarded at the end of the cruise and not during the cruise itself, even if the cruises are consecutive. It will not be possible to change Club category while on a consecutive cruise.

Art. 6 – Validity of CostaClub points
6.1 As of the date that these General Conditions come into effect, the points valid for membership of a given CostaClub level will be the points earned in the last three years, in other words from 1 January 2013. Points earned prior to that date will no longer count towards the Member's points total. For new Club Members, the points earned in the last 3 years starting from the last cruise taken after joining the Club will be counted.

6.2 All points earned on cruises taken in the years prior to the last three-year period (based on the cruise start date) will expire on 15 June of each year. For example: on 15 June 2017 points earned on cruises taken by Members that departed before 15 June 2014 will expire.
On 15 June of each year, the Member's Club level will be reviewed based on their valid points on that date, and therefore the points they have earned in the last 3 years since the date they became a Member.

6.3 All Members can check their points total and the points that are due to expire on the CostaCrociere website, by registering in the reserved area. All Members will also receive periodic emails about their points total and points due to expire at the email address they provided when they registered.

6.4 The points and Privileges awarded to Members as per articles 7 and 8 below are strictly personal and cannot be given to someone else, transferred, sold, converted into money reimbursed in the case of partial use or replaced with a privilege of a different kind. Each Member may hold only one account and one CostaClub card number. If a mistake has been made and the same Member has more than one account and/or CostaClub card number, Costa will transfer the points earned to a single account and cancel the other accounts and associated CostaClub card numbers.

6.5 Costa reserves the right to rectify the account of any Member in the case of points awarded erroneously and to award supplementary points for specific promotional campaigns of which the Member will be informed in a timely fashion.

6.6 It is the Member's responsibility to check their points total and ensure that they have been assigned to the correct Club level.

6.7 It is possible that when a cruise departs a Member may belong to a different level from the level they were in at the time of booking (the Member may move down to a lower level due to yearly points expiring or move up a level due to points awarded from another cruise). In this case the Member will receive the privileges for the level they belong to at the time of boarding. The level printed on travel documents is not valid. It is the Member's responsibility to check the Club level they belong to before boarding.

Art. 7 – CostaClub Levels
7.1 There are 6 different levels depending on the Member's points total:
1. Ambra Club, for Members who haven't travelled with Costa or earned any points yet, but who have joined the programme
2. Acquamarina Club: for Members who have earned a total of 1 to 2,000 points in the last three years
3. Corallo Club: for Members who have earned a total of 2,001 to 5,000 points in the last three years
4. Perla Club: for Members who have earned a total of 5,001 to 13,000 points in the last three years
5. Perla Oro Club: for Members who have earned a total of 13,001 to 26,000 points in the last three years
6. Perla Diamante Club: for Members who have earned a total of at least 26,001 points in the last three years

7.2 Members who move up to a higher Club level after a cruise or move down to a lower Club level when points expire do so automatically, based on the points thresholds mentioned above. Members will be notified by email if they have moved up or down, and they can always check their status in their profile on the Costa website in the relative section.

Art. 8 – Privileges/Advantages

8.1 CostaClub Members are entitled to a series of privileges and advantages (hereinafter "Privileges") that differ depending on the Club to which the Member belongs, as described below:

8.2 The Privileges are divided into:
a) Supplementary services or status benefits and discounts on purchases made onboard
b) Discounts on the purchase of a Costa cruise
c) Printed information, emails and telephone calls that keep Members up to date on the latest Costa news, Club initiatives, events, Member promotions, special offers and vouchers.

8.3 Allocation of the Privileges is subject to the entry of each participating Member’s CostaClub card number at the moment of holding or confirming cruise bookings. Onboard privileges, including the Card, will not be available to Members who travel with a promotional rate ticket or a free ticket. CostaClub privileges cannot be combined with privileges connected to Costa rates or any promotions that make it necessary to check whether they can be combined.

8.4 The Privileges are divided into Personal Privileges and Cabin Privileges. The Personal Privileges are reserved for the Member as an individual. Cabin Privileges can be shared by all the occupants of the cabin. The presence of several Members in the same cabin does not give the right to multiple or accumulative cabin Privileges. The order and days allocated for onboard Privileges may vary depending on the duration of the cruise and the infrastructure of the ship and may not be disputed by Members.

8.5 Privileges are provided only once on each cruise booked. On consecutive cruises privileges will be provided on each cruise, with the exception of the end of cruise or start of cruise gift and credit to spend on board. For the purpose of calculating the number of cruises taken by the Member, two or more consecutive cruises entered under the same booking number will be considered a single cruise.

8.6 The Privileges are provided to Members based on their Club level. The times and places the privileges are provided may vary depending on the length of the cruise and the destination. Members will be informed how the Privileges will be provided on board the ship.

8.7. Privilege Departures
Privilege Departure discounts, which differ depending on the Club Member's level, are applied when a cruise is purchased directly through a travel agent or on the website at the time of holding or confirming a booking, and only after the Member's CostaClub card number has been entered. They are valid for all occupants of the same cabin. It is not possible to change a booking at a later date by entering the Member’s CostaClub card number to obtain a retroactive discount. Commercial discounts will be applied only on the condition that the cardholder actually goes on the cruise, even if the cardholder is not present at the time of booking. Discounts are applied exclusively to the cost of the cruise, excluding the cost of flights, transfers, port taxes, shore accommodation where applicable, insurance, fuel surcharges and anything else mentioned in the discount information provided. It is always necessary to check whether the discounts for the purchase of a cruise can be combined with other promotions and Members are kindly asked to always check with their travel agent. Discounts can be used by Members within the limit of available places for each cruise and Costa reserves the right to suspend their validity at any time.

8.8 Upgrade Privilege (Acquamarina, Corallo, Perla Members) and SuperUpgrade Privilege (Perla Oro and Perla Diamante Members).
The Members entitled to this benefit are ones who have taken a higher number of cruises in a year than the number of cruises taken in the previous calendar year. To establish the number of cruises, the cruise departure date and the booking number are considered.
The privilege means a free Upgrade on the additional cruise and all subsequent cruises compared to the number of cruises taken in the previous year.
The highest category that Acquamarina, Corallo and Perla Members can be upgraded to is Cabin with Balcony (Upgrade). The upgrades are from inside cabin to outside cabin and from outside cabin to cabin with balcony, but the cabin category purchased remains the same.
The highest typology and category that Perla Oro and Perla Diamante Members can be upgraded to is a Suite (SuperUpgrade).
Members will only be upgraded when Costa is able to actually check that the cruise the privilege has been requested for is an additional cruise compared to the number of cruises taken in the previous year.
It is the Member's responsibility to request the Upgrade or SuperUpgrade privilege. Costa will proceed to assign upgrades once their applicability has been checked. Members entitled to this privilege who have not explicitly requested it before departure will not be entitled to the privilege retroactively and will not be able to recoup it, not even in the form of other benefits.
The assignment of the privilege depends on the availability of cabins on the ship.
Cruises lasting 4 days or less are not included in the total of cruises taken in the previous year.
It is not possible to request the Upgrade or SuperUpgrade privilege on departures between 1 and 31 August, on New Year cruises and on Around the World cruises. The possibility of receiving an Upgrade or SuperUpgrade must always be checked before booking and it is the Member's responsibility to check directly with their travel agent.
It is not possible to request the Upgrade or SuperUpgrade privilege once on board, even if the Member is entitled to the privilege.
The Upgrade and SuperUpgrade will be applied to cruises booked for departure in the next calendar year and purchased at standard rate (no discounted fares or special discounts). The privilege is not transferable to third parties and is only applied to the cabin in which the Member is entitled to travel.

8.9 "Priority Boarding", "Preferential Boarding" and "Priority Disembarkation"
The "Priority Boarding", "Preferential Boarding" and "Priority Disembarkation" privileges may be altered or suspended without warning for operational reasons. These services refer exclusively to embarkation at the beginning of the cruise and disembarkation at the end of the cruise. Members belonging to Clubs that offer these privileges will find information on how to use these privileges on the Costa website, on their cruise ticket and through onboard communications.
The order of embarkation or disembarkation may vary from cruise to cruise, depending on the embarkation ports, the ship’s expected departure or arrival times, and in accordance with security regulations, and may not be disputed by Members.

8.10 Access to the VIP Lounge (Palacrociere and Palacruceros)
This privilege is reserved for Perla Diamante Members at the Palacrociere in Savona and the Palacruceros in Barcelona and for people travelling in the same cabin, on presentation of the travel document to dedicated staff on arriving at the port.

8.11 Stress-free Luggage The Stress-free Luggage privilege is reserved only for Perla Diamante Members resident in the European Union and boarding/disembarking in the ports indicated on the Costa Crociere website. This free service may be requested no more than 20 days before the departure date and includes pick-up of luggage from the Member's home (1 piece of luggage, max. 32 kg) and delivery of luggage back home at the end of the cruise. Members who are on board and haven't already booked the service cannot have their luggage delivered home once they have disembarked.

8.12 Credit to spend on board Vouchers or credits for onboard purchases for Perla, Perla Oro and Perla Diamante Club Members are discounted from accounts at the end of the cruise only if purchased with the Member's magnetic card to which they are entitled. In case of a unique on board account the credit will be discounted from it. These vouchers cannot be used to receive discounts on the service charge. Onboard credits that are not used cannot be reimbursed, are non-transferable and cannot be used on future cruises, and cannot be substituted with any other kind of privilege. The sum of vouchers or credits for onboard purchases does not entitle Members to earn CostaClub points.

8.13 Invitation to a complimentary dinner at the Samsara Restaurant The invitation to a complimentary dinner at the Samsara Restaurants, where present on ships, is reserved for the occupants of cabins with at least one Perla or Perla Oro Member. The privilege is dependent on availability and times defined by the ship's operational requirements. The dinner invitation is for all occupants in the same cabin. If two Members in the same cabin are entitled to the privilege, it will only be available once for both occupants. The invitation does not cover the cost of drinks and is not valid for the service charge. Members who do not use this privilege for whatever reason may not transfer it, may not request reimbursement, and may not recoup it for a future cruise and may not substitute it with dinner in another paying restaurant or with another kind of privilege.

8.14 Access to the Club Restaurant Exclusive access to the Club Restaurant for Perla Diamante Members and occupants in the same cabin. This cabin privilege includes access to the Club Restaurant at breakfast, lunch and dinner, on the ships where it is available, for the whole duration of the cruise. The privilege does not cover the cost of drinks or the service charge. The privilege is subject to the restaurant's maximum capacity and the ship's operational requirements.

8.15 Whole day in the Spa Area The onboard Spa privilege, on ships that have a spa, is reserved for Perla Diamante Members and is valid once per cruise for the Member entitled to the privilege and a person travelling in the same cabin. It can be booked on board, except on days sailing at sea. It is subject to availability at the time of booking and the operational requirements of the ship.

8.16 Gift for moving up a Club level A gift on board when a new Club level is reached. The first time Members move up a Club level, they will receive a gift on the first cruise taken at the new level for having moved up a level. The gift will be delivered to the Member's cabin (gifts will not be sent to Members' homes under any circumstances). Gifts are given just once each time Members move up a level and cannot be used as a form of recognition of belonging to that Club level.

8.17 Ambra Member Welcome Gift All Ambra Members who have joined at least 7 days before the departure date of their first cruise will receive a welcome gift that may differ from cruise to cruise. Gifts will not be sent to Members' home under any circumstances.

8.18 End of cruise gift for Acquamarina, Corallo, Perla, Perla Oro, and Perla Diamante Members One end of cruise gift will be given per cabin. Gifts are per cabin and are delivered to Members' cabins once per cruise. The gift received will be for the highest CostaClub level of the occupants in the cabin. If a certain free gift is not available, it may be substituted with another depending on availability on board. Gifts will not be sent to Members' home under any circumstances.

8.19 First rows of the theatre reserved for evening shows
The privilege of the first rows of seats reserved in the theatre for evening shows is reserved for Perla Diamante Members and is valid for all occupants in the same cabin. The seats will be available only up to 5 minutes before the start of the show and unless ship's operational requirements.

8.20 Bottle of water, basket of fruit and bottle of sparkling wine A bottle of water (Acquamarina and Corallo Members), basket of fruit (Perla, Perla Oro and Perla Diamante Members), and a bottle of sparkling wine (Perla, Perla Oro and Perla Diamante Members) are privileges per cabin, depending on the Member's level and are provided once per cruise.

8.21 Personalised minibar with your favourite items Perla Diamante Members and people travelling in the same cabin can ask for their cabin minibar to be personalised with their favourite onboard drinks and snacks. The privilege is valid on cruises lasting 5 days or more. Any items consumed must be paid for.

8.22 Birthday cake and complimentary photo A birthday cake, a privilege for Members who celebrate a birthday during the cruise depending on their Club level. This privilege will be delivered in a way that is determined by the ship's operational requirements. The complimentary birthday photo is the one taken in the Restaurant when the cake is delivered to the table, and will be available in the Photoshop onboard.

8.23 Behind the scenes tour of the ship The special behind the scenes tour of the ship will only be available on cruises of more than 7 days. The tour includes a visit to the ship’s kitchens.

8.24 Welcome Home Cocktail Party Valid for all Members, except Ambra Members. Valid for all occupants in the same cabin with at least one Member who is entitled to the privilege. Members will be asked to present their invitation or their Costa Card to gain entry to the Cocktail Party. All Members that take part will receive a complimentary photo taken at the event (1 per cabin). Members will be advised onboard about how to collect their photo. It is not possible to change the complimentary photo.

8.25 VIP Party For Perla Oro and Perla Diamante Members, Suite Guests, and any other VIP guests at the ship's discretion. The invitation will be delivered to the Members entitled to the privilege on board and is extended to all occupants in the same cabin as the Member who receives the invitation.

8.26 Special excursions for Perla Diamante Members
For dedicated excursions we mean those excursions especially organized for Perla Diamante members or other VIP Guests at the discretion of the ship for cruises longer than four days. All details related to these excursions (destination, schedule and price) will be communicated to the members through a flyer distributed in cabin at embarkation. South America and Around the World cruises are excluded.

8.27 Laundry service for Perla Diamante Members
A free laundry service is provided to Perla Diamante Members on cruises lasting 5 days or more that includes a machine wash and folding of a maximum of 25 items. The privilege is personal, therefore reserved for all Members entitled to the privilege.

Art. 9 – Legal information

9.1 Membership of the Club is subject to the terms and clauses contained in the following General Conditions.

9.2 Costa may suspend or terminate the Programme before the end of the validity period indicated in Art. 2 only for just cause, in accordance with articles 1989 et seq. of the Italian Civil Code. Members will be informed of early termination and, when possible, suspension at least 30 days before or as soon as possible in advance, or, in the case of suspension, as soon as possible after it. Members may be informed by Costa via the website or by other dedicated means.

9.3 In any event, if the Programme is terminated early, Members can use the points they have earned to request Privileges within 6 months of the early termination of the Programme.

9.4 Costa reserves the right to modify or supplement at any time the conditions for participating in the Programme, the privileges and the means of earning points, in so far as this does not prejudice the good faith of the Member.
These modifications or supplements will be made public via the CostaClub website or by other dedicated means.
Modifications or supplements to the conditions for participating are considered accepted if the Member does not oppose them in writing within two months of being informed. If a Member opposes the modification or supplement within that deadline, their participation in the Programme will be terminated in accordance with paragraph 9.2

9.5 At its sole discretion, Costa reserves the right to exclude Members from the Club without any notice if Members do not respect the terms of these General Conditions and/or their behaviour does not comply with the General Conditions or does not comply with the law or Costa's General Conditions, if they exhibit behaviour that could damage Costa's image, or if they attempt to use their status as Member or use documents recognising and legitimising their membership in a way not provided for in the General Conditions. In case of exclusion and/or closure of the account, all points earned up to that moment and the associated privileges will be forfeited immediately. Costa Crociere also reserves the right to refuse participation in the Programme to anyone who does not meet the requirements of these General Conditions.

9.6 The Member guarantees that all information they have provided is correct and only they are responsible for it.

9.7 The information supplied by Members is filed for the purposes of correct management of the Club.

9.8 The Member has the right to interrupt their membership of the Club Programme at any time. In this case, the Member must inform Costa by sending a registered letter to Costa Crociere, Customer Service CostaClub, Piazza Piccapietra 48, 16121 Genova, Italy.

9.9 In the case of any controversy concerning the validity, interpretation and/or execution of these General Conditions and the Club, Italian law will be exclusively applicable.

Art. 10 – Information on the processing of personal data

10.1 Costa Crociere S.p.A. (hereinafter also “Costa Crociere”), as data controller, in accordance with article 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter the “GDPR”), is providing the following information about the processing of the personal data which you (hereinafter also “Member”), as the data subject, provided on registering with the Programma CostaClub [CostaClub Program] (hereinafter the “Program”). This information notice refers to the data provided by a Member:

  • a) when registering for the Program through any channel;
  • b) when registering on the web site and/or Costa Crociere app;
  • c) during ordinary Club management (e.g. total expenses on board, type of cruises taken, etc.);
  • d) within the context of cruises.

10.2 Purposes and legal basis of processing. The personal data of a Member shall be processed for the following purposes:

  • a) Purposes regarding the Program, for managing a Member’s participation in the CostaClub Program and, specifically, for:
    • i. allocating points and other benefits associated with CostaClub Program membership to a Member;
    • ii. managing the aspects relating to the status as a CostaClub Card holder;
    • iii. providing the relevant correlated services, according to procedures provided under these Regulations;
    • iv. providing relevant company notifications to persons with Member status and the benefits of the Program. Specifically, Costa Crociere may use a Member’s e-mail address provided at the time of registering with CostaClub or during participation in the Program, for sending information and promotional notifications related to the Club and its initiatives.
  • b) Statistical purposes, in anonymous and aggregate form.
  • c) Marketing purposes, including:
    • i. promotional activities on products and services of Costa Crociere and related or affiliate companies of the Carnival Corporation &PLC Group (the “Carnival Group”) and/or commercial partners, also with their business address abroad. Specifically, Members’ data may be processed for sending notifications, both using automated methods (e.g. fax, sms, instant messaging apps, etc.) and not-automated ones (e.g. regular mail, telephone with operator, etc.).
      The Carnival Group companies are: Carnival Corporation (CCL), Carnival PLC (P&O, Cunard, Princess Asia), Costa Croceire S.p.A. (AIDA and Costa), Holland America Line N.V., general partner of Cruiseport Curacao C.V. (Holland America Line and Seabourn) Princess Cruise Lines, Ltd (Princess, Alaska, P & O Australia and Cunard), SeaVacations Limited (CCL business in UK). The commercial partners belong to the following product and market categories:
      • a) tourism-related activities;
      • b) airlines/transport services;
      • c) travel agencies;
      • d) insurance companies.
    • ii. profiling activities, i.e. analysis of your travel preferences and market research for enhancing the offering of services and sales information from Costa Crociere, matching it better to a Member’s interests. This processing is done using the personal data collected also during the cruise. Said activity may also be implemented by submitting customer satisfaction questionnaires and/or the use of profiling cookies used during browsing Costa web sites.

Processing for Marketing Purposes (i.e. for both promotional and profiling activities) may be implemented only with a Member’s consent.

Nature of data provision and consequences arising out of any refusal The provision of personal data required on registering with the CostaClub Program and marked by an asterisk (*) is obligatory for full participation in the Program, for correlated initiatives and for legal compliance. Any refusal to provide the personal data requested, in whole or in part, also during implementation of the Program, may not make it possible for Costa Crociere and for third-party companies providing services within the Program to fully perform or to correctly perform the obligations arising out of the Program.
The provision of personal data not marked by an asterisk (*) is, instead, optional and failure to provide said personal data shall not have any consequences affecting a Member registering for and taking part in the Program.
A Member is entitled to freely express his/her own choices regarding personal data processing, manifesting separately his/her own will for each purpose.

Personal data recipient categories Data will not be disclosed except in those cases where disclosure is required by law or expressly authorised by a Member. A Member’s data may be disclosed for the purposes stated above to the following categories of persons and entities:

  • i. Costa Crociere in-house staff, appointed as data processing agents and/or data processor;
  • ii. companies belonging to the Group also located abroad;
  • iii. persons, companies, associations or professional firms providing services or advisory or consulting services to Costa Crociere (e.g. chartered accountants, lawyers, tax consultants, auditors and consultants within auditing operations or due diligence, etc.);
  • iv. persons, companies or agencies providing marketing services and analysis or consulting activities to Costa Crociere;
  • v. persons and entities whose right to access data is recognised under provisions of law and secondary legislation or orders delivered by authorities for purposes permitted by law.

The list of the persons and entities to which data has been disclosed is available at the company at the following addresses: or Costa Crociere S.p.A., Piazza Piccapietra, no. 48, 16121 Genoa, to the attention of the Data Protection Officer.

Transfer of personal data outside the European Union A Member’s personal data may be transferred to third-party companies in States outside the European Union, for the purposes stated above.
Whenever data is transferred to States outside the European Union, said States shall guarantee an adequate level of protection, based on a specific decision of the European Commission or, alternatively, the recipient shall have a contractual obligation to protect data adopting an adequate and comparable level of protection to that provided under the GDPR.

Retention of personal data Personal data shall be retained for a period not exceeding that necessary for the purposes for which they were collected and subsequently processed. Specifically, personal data shall be retained for the full duration of the Program and its subsequent editions and for a subsequent period:

  • i. within the periods established under prevailing legislation;
  • ii. within the periods established under secondary legislation which require data to be kept (for example tax returns);
  • iii. necessary for protecting the rights of the data controller in the event of any disputes arising concerning performance;
  • iv. after expiry or on termination based on the limitation period of Members’ rights.

Personal data collected and processed for profiling shall be retained for a maximum period of ten (10) years, at the end of which they shall be automatically deleted and rendered permanently anonymous.

Data Controller and Data Processors The Data Controller is Costa Crociere S.p.A., with address in Genoa, Piazza Piccapietra, 48.

Data Protection Officer The Data Protection Officer may be contacted at the following addresses: and/or at Costa Crociere S.p.A., Piazza Piccapietra 48, Genoa.

Member rights At any time, in accordance with articles 15 and 22 of the GDPR, a Member shall be entitled to:

  • a) access his/her personal data;
  • b) request his/her personal data to be corrected;
  • c) revoke, at any time, consent to the use and dissemination of his/her personal data;
  • d) request his/her personal data to be deleted;
  • e) the right to receive the personal data concerning him or her, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, as well as the right to send said data to another data controller;
  • f) oppose the processing of personal data for marketing or profiling purposes;
  • g) obtain restriction on the processing of personal data;
  • h) lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority;
  • i) receive a notification whenever there is a personal data breach;
  • j) request information about:
    • i. the purposes of processing;
    • ii. the categories of personal data;
    • iii. the recipients or categories of recipients to whom personal data have been or will be disclosed, specifically, whenever data have been sent to recipients in third countries or to international organisations and the existence of adequate guarantees;
    • iv. the period personal data will be retained;
    • v. whenever data have not been collected from the data subject, all information regarding their origin.

A Member may, at any time, oppose the sending of notifications linked with taking part in the Program, marketing activities and/or profiling, by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the e-mail received or by sending a relevant request to the addresses shown above.
You may exercise these rights and/or obtain further details about personal data processing, by sending a request:
- via e-mail to: or Costa Crociere S.p.A. Piazza Piccapietra 48, 16121 Genoa, to the attention of the Data Protection Officer.