Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan: your next cruise to discover enchanted lands and timeless charm
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Asia: The world between innovation and tradition

The perfect balance for a great holiday

Discover new exotic places on board the Costa Victoria in Asia, and the unforgettable palette of colors that Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore have to offer. Or feel the magic of Japan on the Costa neoRomantica. From the silence of bamboo forests to the frenzy of the metropolis: this is the East, between Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

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Discover the nicest spots Costa has to offer you in Asia
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  • Asian Dream
    Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand
    • For travelers who have seen so much and want to see even more, discovering cultures and landscapes far from commonplace
    • Thailand: strong emotions between past and future, contrasting colors and cultures, but always surprising
    • Not to miss: Singapore - dazzling eastern metropolis with its futuristic skyline, suspended between technological innovation and ancient culture
    From Singapore with Costa Victoria
  • Asia: Beaches and culture
    Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand
    • 14 amazing days to discover unique and unexpected destinations, all in one trip
    • Malaysia: Not just a winter escape to sunny beaches, but also an intense cultural experience
    • Not to be missed: Pucket - The largest Thai island with magnificent colors: from the blue of the lagoons, to the red sunsets, to the orange of the colorful Buddhas
    From Singapore with Costa Victoria
  • Asia: nature, metropolis and tradition
    Japan, South Corea and Taiwan
    • Facing the country of the rising sun to capture the beauty of cherry blossoms, the austere temples and shrines and the cities where the future has already come
    • For the sophisticated traveler who likes to discover both tradition and modern culture and relax on white sandy beaches
    • Not to be missed: Tokyo - Completely rebuilt after World War II bombings has taken on the present-day aspect of modern and state-of-the-art city
    8 night
    From Tokyo with Costa neoRomantica

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