Eastern Mediterranean

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Sail from Venice on board the Costa Mediterranea during a unique seven-day itinerary exploring the East Mediterranean, incl. flights with KLM from Stockholm Arlanda* on departures from 29 July to 18 November 2016.

*this offer is subject to availability via connecting flight in Amsterdam


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A world of possibility in a single vacation: sea, sun, relaxation, entertainment, art and history. Every season is the right one for a cruise in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Our itineraries in the Eastern Mediterranean

A journey through culture and entertainment
Itinerary out of
  • Islands in the Blue
    Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece
    • Flight + Cruise departure from Arlanda Airport
    • Discover the italian style onboard our ships
    • Explore the beautiful cities of Italy, Greece and Croatia
    7 nights
    from Venice with Costa Mediterranea
    Venice (Italy)
  • Greek Islands
    Italy, Greece, Croatia
    • Let the sun kisses you
    • Discover new dazzling shades of the sea
    • Enjoy the different cultures of the Mediterranean
    7 nights
    from Venice with Costa Deliziosa
    Santorini (Greece)

Benvenuti alla felicità al quadrato

Find the best experiences to make unique your Costa Cruise

A lunch by the pool and it is immediately holiday

having fun all-night-long on the dancefloor by the sea

C Wonder - aboard the entertainment is also virtual

From breakfast to dinner, we have delicious meals for everyone

From special diets to a chocolate fountain, everything is tailored to your needs

Try your luck at the casino

Mini Club and Teen Club - lots of activities for our little Guests

Entertainment, sports and wellness on board: find the activity that best suits you


The Dinner with 12 courses by Bruno Barbieri

The Voice of the sea - you will be the star of the entertainment

Peppa Pig - The most popular and beloved pig

We provide everything you need on holiday

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    Flight + Cruise departure from Arlanda Airport
    Departures from august 2016 to january 2017
    All our cruises on the Eastern Mediterranean

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