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Most visited destinations of the moment

India and Maldive

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Our grand cruises to the Orient offer unique and fascinating destinations. Ancient lands and cities of the future, timeless landscapes and seductive atmospheres will accompany you on a fairytale journey. And if you feel drawn to visiting heavenly unspoilt islands, choose our Costa Cruises Indian Ocean itineraries.

Indian Ocean

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Are you ready for relaxation, unspoilt nature, colourful and juicy fruits, white sandy beaches and palm trees along the shoreline? Then you're ready for Costa's Indian Ocean cruises. Choose your destination from among the most beautiful and captivating islands in the world.​


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A Caribbean cruise is a dream in any season: exotic views with vivid colours, exclusive locations, unforgettable landscapes. If you love open spaces, tropical heat, the smell of the sea and relaxing on fabulous beaches, this is the holiday for you.

Dubai / United Arab Emirates

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Looking for a unique experience? Discover the Middle East with a cruise to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, an unforgettable journey through Arab tradition and culture. Experience the luxury and seductive atmosphere of the most famous hotels in the world, among cutting-edge architecture and majestic deserts.

Western Mediterranean

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Wonderful beaches, turquoise waters, fun for everyone! Routes of great cultural interest to combine adventure and relaxation.

Eastern Mediterranean

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The blue and white of the houses lit by the sun, the green of the olive trees, the smell of the sea... Take the route to the south-east towards the coasts of Greece.


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Discover new exotic places on board the Costa Victoria in Asia, and the unforgettable palette of colors that Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore have to offer.