Costa Smeralda

The “Bel Paese” on the sea

Costa smeralda is born, the sea has found its “Bel Paese”

Costa Smeralda is the ship that is the symbol of beauty, style and Italian hospitality.
Its spaces take the name of and inspiration from the squares of the “Bel Paese” of Italy: as you walk down the wide stair case of the stern, it will feel like you are strolling through Piazza di Spagna, and browsing through shops, bars and restaurants to glimpse the liveliness of magical places like those of Trastevere, with the privilege of a unique perspective, that of the sea. An unforgettable experience to share with the people you love.
And, with added value: experience a cruise at the forefront of environmental protection, thanks to an LNG combustion system, the cleanest in the world.

The ship

The best expression of “Italy’s Finest”: quality, style, warm hospitality, entertainment and gastronomy. A unique perspective from the sea, in the centre of new experiences to be shared with those you love.

Activities and entertainment

Everything around you speaks of laughter, games, activities for the whole family. Entertainment has been refreshed, offering new spaces and new moments that accentuate the desire to be together.


The square is traditionally a meeting place, where you can have a coffee or taste some specialties. In addition to restaurants, many occasions and different culinary events become a true feast for all tastes and all ages.


Interactivity, advanced applications and systems are designed to offer a digital experience aimed at the future. Costa Smeralda is a totally innovative ship, even in terms of technology.


The most beautiful Italian cities in your room


A marriage between the ‘Made in Italy’ style and design, capturing the essence of the city of art and the most famous places on the peninsula. Italy's finest, made even more irresistible from the veranda overlooking the sea in a unique setting, with waves chasing the horizon.

Images and colours, inspired by the city that gives its name to the bridge, create an atmosphere that feels just like home.

The brightness of the room is enhanced by the veranda, creating an oasis of wellness and relaxation throughout the seasons.

The fabrics and furnishings have been manufactured by Italian companies, for an authentic “Made in Italy” experience.

Facing the mysterious sea, to enjoy every single piece of the sky, without sacrificing your privacy.

3 NOVEMBER 2019 - Costa Smeralda is coming

Costa Smeralda is coming, the new flagship of the fleet, and a tribute to Italian style and warmth. Only those who choose to travel on this maiden voyage will have the privilege of experiencing the great launching ceremony, a unique event to welcome the "Belpaese of Italy on the sea". A party with an exceptional international hostess, a fireworks display in the skies over Savona, special entertainment and amazing dining experiences.
You can choose between the Ambugo Vernissage cruise which travels via Rotterdam, Lisbon, Barcelona and Marseille, and which will then head towards Savona to conclude with the big party on the evening of 3rd November. Or choose to participate prior to the launch on 3rd November, before heading out for the inaugural cruise around the Mediterranean. And for those who want the best, you can combine the two trips in one unforgettable cruise.

Beginning 20/10 Beginning 03/11


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Discover the Mediterranean with Costa Smeralda

Mare Nostrum will cradle you between its flanks and offer you the excitement of a 5-day tour through cities rich in history and culture: Savona, Marseille, Barcelona, Civitavecchia

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7 days of relaxation, wellness, art and nature

From the Riviera of Ponente to Provence, from Catalonia to the ancient Centum Cellae, to the Etruscan arches on the Lazio coast

From the Old Port of Marseille to the pearl of the Eastern Ligurian Riviera, Spezzina, admiring the visionary art of Antoni Gaudì and exploring the magnificent beaches of the Balearic Islands

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Did you know that...

At the forefront of the use of natural petrol

The new Costa ships will be the first for the global cruise market using LNG (liquefied natural petrol), the cleanest fossil fuel in the world, for 100% of their energy both at port and at sea. An innovation that will lead to a significant reduction in exhaust emissions, contributing to environmental protection and the achievement of Costa Cruises’ sustainability objectives.

Costa Smeralda and Costa Cruises Consortium

The announcement is the result of a collaboration agreement between the Italian company and the Costa Smeralda Consortium (
The Consortium that is responsible for developing and promoting the main tourist area in Sardinia and that is the Costa Smeralda trademark holder. The partnership also provides a number of joint initiatives that will be announced in the coming months. The Costa Smeralda is an exclusive tourist destination, located in the northeast of Sardinia, one of the most beautiful and unique places in the world: nature, culture and the special nature of this strip of Sardinia have made this place a world leader in tourism excellence.

Adam Tihany, Hospitality Designer and Creative Director of Costa Smeralda

Adam D. Thiany is one of the most famous international designers in the field of hospitality. He has designed some of the most prestigious hotels and restaurants around the world, including Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, the Belmond Cipriani in Venice and the Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas.

A love song to Italy

"The Italy of foreigners is a perception: the rolling hills with olive trees, the sun-kissed steps of ancient monuments, white wine and fresh tomatoes. The Italy of Italians is more complex: passionate, intense, full of contrasts. In my eyes, Italy’s Finest is a national pride stemming from the traditions passed down from one generation to the next”, says Tihany. “It is a place of dreams, where time seems to slow down”. Here, style is king, beauty is queen and the spirit of the people can change the world. These ideas of Pride, Taste, Time, Style and Spirit have helped us provide an interpretation of the theme of the ships”.

An exceptional team

Americans from the Rockwell Group and Jeffrey Beers International, the Italians Dordoni Architetti, the Germans Partner Ship Design. They are the "Fantastic 4" of international studies, which form the team sought after by Creative Director Adam D. Thiany to shape the new ship Costa Smeralda, according to his vision of the "best of Italy".

It is a satisfaction that looks towards the future

"This means participating with Costa in restoring Italian national pride. And everyone wants to be there”.


Costa Smeralda


182.700 t


337 m

Number of Bridges:


Cabin Number:


Number of Restaurants:


Number of Pools:


Guest Capacity:


Crew Capacity:


Cruising speed:

21,5 kn

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